Nonvisual console arcade game.

Cave with corridors, ninjas and one exit game.

Cave 2
Cave with corridors, ninjas and one exit game. More rooms than in first game.

Infernal farm
Ncurses game where you must catch radioactive eggs on farm near atomic electrostation. 3 missed eggs will cause atomic explode.

F - ncurses fifteen puzzle with hexadecimal numbering (from 1 to f) and random puzzles. h,j,k,l controls.

Wildroad - ncurses arcade wild road game.

Cave 4
Ncurses version of cave 2 game.

Dum 4
Nonrealtime ascii-art 3D-action.

Renshu-cho gyoretsu
Logic game written in Python 3/Tk.

Ultra racoon
Racoon stealing, washing and releasing fishes game.

XT gyoretsu
Ncurses version of Renshu-cho gyoretsu game.

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